German/Israeli/U.S. way of self-defense

Albert Timen, Jürgen Schaffrath and Jon Kleineman

99.9% of physical confrontations can be avoided! Learn how and be prepared for the remaining 0.1%!

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Be prepared for real-life threads

Unlike other systems, KAPAP focuses on real-life situations. The result: a highly effective self-defense system with the help of which you are perfectly prepared for real-life threats.

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What others say about KAPAP

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Learn from the president and founder of KAPAP-Academy

As an Israeli undercover agent and member of different S.W.A.T.-teams, Albert fought terrorists and has received several decorations. In addition to his work as a training instructor for police forces, diplomatic services and VIP protection personnel, Albert functions as president and founder of KAPAP-Academy.

Meet the President

Optimize your training with head coach Jürgen Schaffrath

Head coach Jürgen Schaffrath is responsible for KAPAP-Academy Europe. The former officer-in-charge of several special units has been a professional instructor for self-defense systems and police forces for over 15 years. Albert and Jürgen are continuously working on and improving the modern concept of self-defense and KAPAP.


Safely disengage from dangerous situations

KAPAP does not care about spectacular, useless techniques and choreographies. Only the most efficient and realistic strategies and techniques are being taught – always keeping in mind the most important goal: get out of conflicts unharmed and as soon as possible.

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For all age groups

Everyone can learn how to defend him or herself – no matter how old or experienced. KAPAP provides you with simple but highly effective tools to protect yourself in dangerous situations.

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What is KAPAP?

The origins of KAPAP can be found in the training of Israeli defense and security forces. It is neither a form of martial arts, nor does it involve any kind of contest. Its single most important goal is to get out of dangerous situations safely: if possible, without having to use force, but if necessary, by using the right techniques. This is what makes KAPAP such a unique system. This film shows the most effective strategies, with the help of which you will be able to counter and prevent real-life attacks and aggression – without using fancy techniques and choreographies - effective like no other system out there!

  • Albert Timen

    President & founder of KAPAP-Academy
    Former undercover operator in Israeli Defense Forces special units
    Instructor: police forces, special units, security forces, combat troops

  • Jürgen Schaffrath

    Head coach of KAPAP-Academy Europe
    Officer-in-charge of several special units

  • Jon Kleineman

    Director of KAPAP-Academy
    Former MMA-Fighter
    Instructor: SWAT-teams, security forces, special units