Ground Engagement

Most effective self-defense against resisting opponents - get back up!

In a fight, the worst position to be in is on the ground. The ultimate goal has to be: get back up! And it is exactly what this film will teach you.

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Realistic, effective self-defense on the ground

Fancy moves and choreographies may look cool, but when push comes to shove they are useless. The strategies taught in this movie are all based on real-life situations and on training with a resisting opponent. Simulating real-life scenarios is the most effective way to prepare yourself for actual confrontations and attacks.

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German/Israeli/U.S. way of self-defense

It is the unique collaboration of self-defense and martial arts experts from Germany, Israel and the United States that makes KAPAP an unparalleled and revolutionary self-defense system – realistic and effective like no other!

Meet the president

Featuring Jon Kleineman: Director of KAPAP-Academy, former MMA-Fighter

Learn from the best of the best. Jon Kleineman is an experienced fighter and martial artist. He is one of the leading instructors and trainers of self-defense and KAPAP.

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Bonus: Warm-up drills for martial arts, combat sports and self-defense training

As a nice little extra, Jon will show you a very effective warm-up program suitable for all types of martial arts and self-defense systems.

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Be prepared for real-life confrontations

KAPAPs main goal is to get out of dangerous situations and confrontations unharmed and as soon as possible. This is exactly what the drills in this film will teach you. Starting from a disadvantageous ground position, the main goal always remains the same: Get up, get out and stay unharmed – not just in training but first and foremost in real-life situations.

Effective training for fighters

The drills will help experienced fighters as well as martial arts and self-defense newcomers. Use them in training, during warm-up or to improve your self-defense skills – all fighters will benefit from “Ground Engagement”!

  • Jon Kleineman

    Director of KAPAP-Academy
    Former MMA-Fighter
    Instructor: SWAT-teams, security forces, special units