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What others say about KAPAP

Albert Timen

Albert Timen

President & founder of KAPAP-Academy

The president and founder of the KAPAP Academy was born in Israel. After his mandatory service in the Israeli army, Albert becomes one of very few, chosen to serve in a special counter-terrorism unit. He takes the plunge and becomes part of the elite unit. As an undercover agent and member of different S.W.A.T.-teams, Albert fights terrorists and receives several decorations. One of them for arresting a “live” suicide bomber strapped with an explosive belt ready to detonate.

His skills have been in great demand and Albert has offered his knowledge and expertise to police forces, diplomatic services and VIP protection personnel.

Albert used all his experience to create a simple but revolutionary concept of self-defense. He has found himself in more than one life threatening situations, so he knows what these situations are all about: being effective!

What good are the most sophisticated techniques and moves if you can not put them to use in a real life situation?! This is why KAPAP focuses on strategies and methods that will help you get out of dangerous situations safely and uninjured.

The most important aspect of the training is to keep it as close to the reality as possible. This way you can make sure, that the techniques and strategies are not simple training moves, but effective emergency tools.

In addition to the contents of the training, Albert’s philosophy might be the most effective self-defense strategy: Respect all, fear none!

Jürgen Schaffrath


Jürgen Schaffrath

Head coach of KAPAP-Academy Europe

At the age of eight, Jürgen Schaffrath comes into contact with martial arts for the first time. After becoming a police officer, he continues his studies on the topic. Due to his job, he gets caught in dangerous situations from time to time. Despite being well trained, he finds himself unable to apply what he has learned. The problem is, that a lot of the techniques are effective in training but fail to pass the real-world test. People are unable to use them in emergency situations because factors like stress, adrenalin and emotions suddenly enter the scene. This is why the father of three children invented a reality-based concept of self-defense using simple but effective techniques, which do not fail in stressful situations.

An important part of his philosophy is the inclusion of non-technical skills like communication and de-escalation strategies. This means, that the best conflict resolution is to avoid a conflict in the first place. Therefore, Jürgen’s training includes psychological aspects as well.

In collaboration with Albert Timen, Jürgen Schaffrath presents the revolutionary German-Israeli concept of self-defense: KAPAP.

Jon Kleineman


Jon Kleineman

KAPAP-Instructor and former MMA-Fighter

There are not many people who pursue a profession with as much passion and heart as Jon Kleineman. Jon studies, teaches and trains almost every single martial arts and self-defense system there is. He has been studying martial arts his whole life and travels the world doing seminars, certifications, and lectures on the subject of combatives. The director of KAPAP-Academy trains law enforcement groups, military units, agents and instructors and runs his own training center.

Jon has multiple black belts and also is a former MMA-fighter, one of the most intense sports in the world. He has become one of the leading instructors and trainers of self-defense and KAPAP.